My Teaching Style 


The best yoga practice is your yoga practice! Every class I teach though is individual. The yoga sequence and intensity of the class depends on a person's or a group of people needs. I take into the account participants emotional state, physical abilities, injuries and personal goals. I am committed to creating safe and yet challenging flow where students could gain health, strength, develop flexibility, get in-tuned with their own bodies and just feel incredible after the class. 

Personally I prefer to move through a sweaty, physically and mentally challenging practice to engage my sympathetic nervous system and than relax and restore by stimulating parasympathetic nervous system in shavasana or meditation. 

I got my 200hr yoga  teacher training  at Exhale New York. The course  included Vinyasa, Power, Resonate Yoga Styles and Thai Massage Training.  It also covered anatomy, body chakras, energy and physical healing benefits of yoga. I incorporate all of the above knowledge in my private and group classes. I have also done deeper research on yoga and stress. Yoga helps to cope with stress and release hormones of happiness, Gaba and Seratonine beside many other incredible physical and emotional healing benefits. I can't wait to meet you in person, introduce you to yoga or bring your practice to the next level! I also received 300hrs of advanced yoga teacher training  from Jared MacCan at Lighthouse Yoga School. I have expended my knowledge on yoga asanas, the importance of meditation, yoga philosophy, anatomy and advanced as a teacher. 

At list 3 whys to sign up for a private yoga class 

  • One-on-one guidance will help you with the correct alignments in every posture to avoid injuries and gain maximum benefits from your home or group yoga practice 
  • One-on-one guidance will help you to get deeper in your practice with hands on stretching, support and guidance in learning  new and/or advanced postures
  • One-on-one guidance will help you to gain the most benefits from your personalized to your physical level, injuries, athletic or personal goals yoga sequence. 

Love & Light, Kristy

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