About Me

I am a certified yoga instructor with 500hrs of training. I received my 200hrs from Exhale NY and 300hrs from Jared McCann at Lighthouse Yoga School.  My yoga journey began in NYC in 2008. I fell in love with the yoga style, charisma and physical prowess of my first yoga teacher, Ruah Bhay. Her classes challenged me both physically and mentally and presented an opportunity for growth. I had never been flexible despite practicing modern dance since my teenage years.  While my body naturally developed strength and tone with relative ease, I struggled to even come close to touching my toes. Doing the splits was a life-long dream, yet it felt so out of reach.  I remember one of my dance teachers told to a new student that she will never do splits since she is "too old" in her mid 20s. I felt frustrated. My body was very tight, but I knew anything is possible at any age and really wanted to prove it! Since I started practicing yoga the older I got the more flexible I became and 10 years later I was more flexible than I ever been, not only I was able to get my splits, put my palms under my feet, but also touch toes to a my head in backbends.  I could not even dream about it when I was a teenage. I am sure those of you with as stiff body as mine could totally relate and understand how huge of a achievement it was for me.  

Yoga became my physical and spiritual teacher. It  helped me to find emotional and physical balance no matter what was happening in the outside world. I got even more in-tuned with my body - I lost desire to eat junk food, became a happier, kinder and more open person to people around me.

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Yoga gave me flexibility, ability to cope with daily stress, understand my body and be my best self. It also lead me to creating very special In Light Yoga Retreats company for people to reconnect with their bodies, restore their minds and live happier and healthier daily lives in the most incredible places within driving distance from NYC and abroad. 

Love & Light, Kristina Caputi

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My very first yoga class was with Kristina. I was nervous to join since I felt I would not be able to keep up with the class. Kristina though was very helpful in coaching me through the alignment of poses and very motivating to hold them in physically challenging moments. She made me feel confident and comfortable while attempting new and more advanced postures. She also helped me to understand that yoga is more than just a practice but it is also a lifestyle and a lot of it challenges and improves one's mental capacity. I was going to all of her classes where she also helped me with a headstand, my goal since starting yoga. I like her attentiveness and motivating ways of delivering to her students. She makes everyone feel included into the practice. - Moniques Sookram
Kristina is absolutely amazing and definitely will inspire you! She was my first yoga teacher and after attending her classes I started to practice yoga on a regular basis. She is very wise and has a deep knowledge of body and mind. She is attantive, compassionate and talented yoga instructor. - Marina Kopaeva